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Mad River Marco, LP is named after the town of Mad River, VT, home of our angel investor, the late Dr. James Martin who was the largest modern-day benefactor to Oxford University and a renowned computer scientist.  Dr. Martin believed financial investments should both be researched extensively and managed algorthmically.

Mills Value Adviser, Inc. is the General Partner for Mad River Macro, LP. and was founded in 1987, by Charles A. Mills III, an advisor to Dr. Martin, who began his career in 1974 as a stock broker and would rise to serve as Chairman of Anderson & Strudwick, Inc., a Richmond, Virginia based broker dealer from 1987 to 2000. Mr. Mills who passed away in 2020 and his son, Charles A. Mills, IV were instrumental in the research and development of Mad River Macro's investment philosophy.

Investment Philosophy

Mad River Macro, LP is a strategy of strategies that when combined are broad in scope with a fine attention to detail. Fundamentally, Mad River Macro, LP invests in a core of deeply undervalued equities to be held over the long term with additional investments made in a tactical manner such that the fund’s core equity holdings are either enhanced or hedged. Tactical investments include, Global Index investing, US Sector rotation, short term trading of US Sectors and hedging of core holdings through investment in asset classes not correlated to equity markets namely; Treasuries, Commodities and Vix Futures. Investment decisions are based upon global financial conditions and simultaneously influenced by the business cycle as it is being experienced in the United States.

Charles Arthur Mills

Portfolio Manager

Mr. Mills serves as portfolio manager. Mills is President of the Fund’s General Partner, Mills Value Adviser, Inc. an Arlington, Virginia based investment management firm. Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Marketing from George Mason University in 2003, Mr. Mills joined the firm as a Research Analyst focusing on algorithmic pattern analysis and portfolio construction. In addition to his training in equity research and marketing, Mills has also studied music composition. He holds a Series 65 license.

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